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 Cecelia Lumpkin

I Am HERstory_MASTER_copy_adj.jpg


I enjoy photography. It is creative and imaginative. It gives me as well as others an open invitation to our heart, mind and spirit. This enables us to experience a special moment in time.

   Photography silently expresses itself by telling a story. Although silent, it speaks volumes first through the eyes of the photographer and then the onlooker. The stories drawn from an image are left to the interpretation of gazing eyes.

   My surroundings create a platform that reveals God's unlimited expressions of CreARTtivity.  My endless imagination and inspiration are all driven by these limitless expressions. I delight in finding obscure images in various inanimate objects.

   Some images have been post edited in order to gain another rendering and creative

perspective. Several images include a biblical scripture describing the image as the Word of God inspires me and connects my photography to His unlimited expressions of CreARTtivity.

Image: HER-story

When bark is art

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